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Last Sunday during the broadcast of the Academy Awards I couldn’t help but notice several commercials for the group buying service, LivingSocial. I found this interesting as Groupon, one of LivingSocial’s largest competitors, put major ad spent behind a series of Super Bowl commercials that wound up offending viewers and arguably damaging the brand’s reputation (you can read RaceTalk’s commentary here). I would have thought, given this blunder, LivingSocial and other group buying services would shy away from television advertising and focus on other mediums.

The LivingSocial television commercials are simple, to the point, and feel almost like a cartoon story board. Check it out:

I was also intrigued that LivingSocial decided to advertise during the Oscars, a broadcast targeted almost exclusively to women. Does LivingSocial see their core demographic as mostly female?

In addition to the Oscars advertising, LivingSocial launched a deal yesterday for discounted movie tickets via Fandango.  PC Mag reported that by 3:30pm the site had sold 609,000 Fandango offers. The deal was so successful, LivingSocial has extended it through the end of the day today.

PC Mag also reported that LivingSocial currently holds the record for the biggest online coupon deal with their offer, which sold 1,378,938 vouchers.

This is the week LivingSocial decided to put their stake in the group buying ground, and they are camped out right in front of one of America’s favorite places: the movie theater.

Are these kinds of ads and offers enough to inch them ahead of Groupon? What do you think?

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