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Today at 1:00pm ET Apple is expected to announce the second generation iPad, which means the entire tech media world will stop, listen and write. We’ve decided to join in on the fun this time, but instead of following Apple’s announcement, we’re going to follow the live blogging of Apple’s announcement, examining how a few different media outlets are covering the news.

This time around our outlets of choice are the The Wall Street Journal, Engadget, Mashable and Macworld.

And here we go…

11:45am ET: The WSJ and Macworld already have live blogs up and ready to go. Engadget and Mashable haven’t yet published live blogs.

12:30pm ET: Engadget now has their live blog up, while the WSJ already has 3 updates to set the stage. Still nothing from Mashable.

12:50pm ET: The WSJ has two people live blogging, Jennifer Valentino-DeVries and Geoff Fowler. MacWorld has Jason Snell and Dan Moren. Joshua Topolsky is in the driver’s seat for Engadget, and Mashable is still silent. The WSJ and Engadget both report that they’re listening to the Beatles.

12:53pm ET: Uh oh. The WSJ live blog is down.

12:55pm ET: Macworld is working in some photographs – a nice touch.

12:59pm ET: The WSJ is still down, Macworld is taking reader questions, Engadget reports there is no Steve Jobs sighting (yet) and has a picture of an empty couch. Mashable still hasn’t posted anything. It’s likely Mashable will write separate posts for each update to try and maximize their clicks. It’s also a good way to frustrate readers by making them click several different pages to access the information they’re looking for.

1:02pm ET: Engadget and Macworld report the lights are dimming. WSJ still down. Nothing from Mashable.

1:03pm ET: Ok, Macworld’s updates are really fast. They report Steve Jobs is on stage and already have pictures posted. Engadget is right there too. WSJ is still down and nothing from Mashable. We have a two horse race.

1:06pm ET: Engadget has better photos then Macworld, but I think Macworld has a slight edge on the timing. As expected, Mashable is doing a new post for each piece of the press conference. Their first post went live a minute ago and has over 1,000 tweets. This number seems as inflated as as Mubarak’s past election results.

1:10pm ET: Major #fail right now for the WSJ. While they’re streaming live video on from the event (outside, not inside) with updates, the blog is still down.

1:14pm ET: Engadget and Macworld are doing a great job covering the event, with pictures and real time commentary. Mashable hasn’t actually provided any information yet. Now their tweet counter shows “0” – something weird is going on there.

1:16pm ET: Engadget has some great photographs showing the iPad being used in schools and hospitals.

1:18pm ET: Mashable has 2 posts up now. Really going for those clicks and tweets.

1:19pm ET: Now we’re on to what’s new in the next iPad. Engadget had the update first, followed closely by Macworld. Mashable doesn’t have anything yet, and WSJ is still down.

1:22pm ET: Engadget seems to have more photos while Macworld has a bit more text. At this point I’m really disappointed with the WSJ live blog, as the site is still down. Mashable’s coverage is also disappointing, as it’s way behind and difficult to follow.

1:24pm ET: This is the message I’m getting on the WSJ live blog:

On their home page they have this graphic:

They also wrote an article on the news, but it’s just about Steve Jobs’ appearance, not the new iPad.

1:28pm ET: Mashable has 2 more posts up. I’m really not liking the way they’re doing this. Also, in 38 seconds one post has 565 tweets. I’m suspicious.

1:31pm ET: Macworld and Engadget have play-by-plays of the new iPad cover. Engadget has more pictures, but both do a good job. Nothing yet from Mashable on the cover. And there is good news – the WSJ is now up! Unfortunately, their last update was at 12:48.

12:34pm ET: I’m really liking that Engadget and Macworld update automatically. Mashable has separate posts so you have refresh the home page (annoying). The WSJ might have given up at this point on the live blog. They must realize they aren’t #winning this one.

12:38pm ET: John Paczkowski at All Things D is also live blogging the event. While they’re part of the WSJ network, I’ve heard Kara Swisher say multiple times that All Things D competes with the WSJ, so we’re counting this as a separate blog.

12:39pm ET: Engadget was first to report FaceTime. Macworld followed, still waiting for Mashable to put up their next post.

12:33pm ET: Apple’s event isn’t over yet, but our job for the day is done. Today’s rankings (from the outlets we watched) are as follows: First place to Engadget, second place to Macworld and (a distant) third place to Mashable. We’re giving the WSJ an incomplete grade due to their tech problems, and we’ll give their hard-working reporters another shot next time.

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