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Twitter Is A Media Platform, Not A Social Network 7

Share Yesterday a study was published that examined which Twitter users are posting the most widely-read tweets. The results weren’t really a surprise, finding that 50 percent “consumed” tweets are posted by just 0.05 percent of Twitter users. Considering folks like Lady Gaga and Ashton Kutcher attract millions of followers (9 million and 6.5 million […]


LinkedIn 1 million

LinkedIn Personally Thanking First Million Members 1

ShareLinkedIn is personally thanking its first 1 million members, with emails directly from co-founder and chairman, Reid Hoffman (a copy of the letter is below). As you may recall, Facebook launched a big ‘thank you’ effort when whey crossed the 5 million barrier, and LinkedIn is clearly following their example by making this big milestone […]

Barry Bonds Juror Questionnaire Specifies Blogs Are Read On The Internet 6

SharePotential jurors for the Barry Bonds trial were greeted with a 63 question survey at the beginning of jury selection. Among finding out what their current opinion of Bonds is, there is also a question that’s phrased for those people that are (somehow) unfamiliar with blogs. Introducing question #32… Really? Blog in quotes? Specified that […]

Barry bonds

Inside Job Movie

PR 101: Interview Prep 3

Share By now you’ve all probably seen the school bully video (if you haven’t, it’s above). No matter which side of the fence you’re on, one thing that will make your eyes roll is a recent interview that the bully did. Being interviewed by a local Australian news outlet, the bully was asked by a […]

New York Times Paywall Won’t Stop Free Views 4

Share  Last week the New York Times announced a new subscription model that would effectively put up a paywall for many users. Under this new system, people that aren’t subscribed to are able to view 20 articles a month (that are subscriber-only) for free, before being blocked from reading certain stories. However, there’s a […]

Even if you aren't subscribed to the NYT, you'll be able to access their content for free through Facebook posts (like this one)


Facebook: Social Copycat Extraordinaire? 6

Share Earlier this week, we heard from Bloomberg Businessweek that Facebook would be offering a Groupon-inspired discount deal service. Given its potential customer base of over 500 million users, the social networking site definitely has a good starting foundation as it hopes to take advantage of the bourgeoning online-deal market. Anyone else not surprised? Don’t […]

New York Times Announces New Subscription Model 3

Share Today the New York Times announced a new subscription model that will put a pay wall in front of a lot of its content. This is a big move for the newspaper industry, which has suffered  as more and more people began canceling their newspaper subscriptions and getting their news online. The New York […]



Curtain Call for NYC Ballet Tweets 2

Share This morning the Wall Street Journal reported that the New York City Ballet plans to enforce a social media policy for all employees – administrative and artistic – to regulate how they use social media channels. The ballet has a refined reputation and recently 24 year old, ballet dancer Devin Alberda (@dalberda) has been […]