Lady Gaga Is A Marketing Genius (60 Minutes VIDEO) 5

Last night before the Grammy awards, 60 Minutes had an in-depth interview with Lady Gaga, where she explained her approach towards achieving – and keeping – fame.

During the interview, Gaga admitted to Anderson Cooper that her actions on stage and very unique wardrobe are well thought-out decisions. These decisions are designed to keep media attention on her career and building a “Lady Gaga” brand that people are curious about. Additionally, pushing the envelope during her performances and through her wardrobe captivates so much media attention, that there is no time left for the media to focus on and pick apart her personal life.

If you watch the entire interview (below) you’ll realize how well planned every Gaga decision is. Her clothes – such as her meat dress – isn’t a spur of the moment crazy decision. It’s part of the plan to keep her relevant for a very long time. The interview also shows what her life was like before she was famous, and it becomes very apparent that Gaga learned a tremendous amount from her climb to the top, which is now what’s keeping her there.

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