A Golden Globe for Mark Zuckerberg 7

*This is a guest post by Nidhi Mathson, Account Executive at Racepoint Group. Follow her on Twitter @NidhiMathson.

If you watched the Golden Globe awards this past weekend, you know that the film “The Social Network” snagged a number of the big awards including “Best Film,” “Best Director,” “Best Actor” and  “Best Adapted Screenplay.” Watching the awards show reminded me of my initial reaction when I first watched the film. I thought to myself, “Wow, I already knew Mark Zuckerberg was smart, but now I think he’s a genius!” At the time, I posted this re-tweet:

Telling it like it is! @toadmeister: After seeing The Social Network, I’m now a huge fan of Mark Zuckerberg: http://bit.ly/9SKLDC

Later I spoke with a few friends who’d also watched the movie, and I soon realized that not everyone had the same reaction. In fact a majority of the viewers of the movie began to despise Mark, calling him “conniving” and a “back-stabber”. But I don’t know if any of these people realize that Facebook would probably never have reached the global success it enjoys today if it wasn’t for MZ.  Do you think the Winklevoss twins had the drive and fierce ambition that Zuckerberg had to make Facebook what it is today? I doubt it.

Without Mark Zuckerberg, I doubt that Facebook would have achieved any of the following:

  • 500 million regular users
  • 48% of 18-34 year olds checking Facebook right when they wake up
  • 71.2% of the US web audience as members
  • A record breaking 750 Million photos uploaded over the new year’s weekend

More Facebook success stats can be found in an infographic recently posted by RaceTalk.

You can hate Mark Zuckerberg all you want, but if you’re addicted to Facebook then you have to give the guy credit. Facebook has almost single-handedly ushered in a new era for social media, encouraged real-time global communications and changed how people connect with each other —and that’s an end that most certainly justifies the means.

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