‘Catfish’ Will Make You Question Everything Online 2

After shoveling approximately two feet of snow throughout the day, I decided to watch the film “Catfish”, which I had wanted to see for quite a while, but never got around to watching (note: Molly wrote a review of the film in September following a sneak preview that RaceTalk attended).

While I had seen the previews for “Catfish” online, I still didn’t really know what to expect, and was on the edge of my seat for much of the movie. The film turned out to be shocking, sad and eye-opening, all at the same time. It also provided an important message to all of us that are so active online.

Spoil alert! If you read this post further, some of the ending will be given away…

Controlling 15 different Facebook profiles isn’t easy. In fact, it’s difficult to keep up with just your own social networks (i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.). Yet, Angela Wesselman managed to do just that, which takes a lot of time, attention to detail and imagination.

What I think is most interesting about this story, is that it happened on Facebook. Often, Facebook is the social network where your friendships are based on real-life relationships. Facebook friends are people you work with, went to school with, have known for a long time, or met in passing. Many people won’t even accept friend requests from people they don’t know really well, because they want to keep Facebook as a safe place for close friends and family. But regardless of your Facebook friending conditions, you’ve most likely met your Facebook friends in person.

Other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn are usually the opposite. Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections are usually filled with people you’ve never actually met, and probably will never will meet in person. It would be so much easier for someone to create a fictional world within one of those networks, rather then Facebook.

That’s what makes Catfish so amazing – and creepy. If one women could spend all that time fooling an intelligent young man on Facebook, imagine what someone could do on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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