“Live Blogging the Verizon / iPhone Announcement” 6

This morning at 11:00am ET, like many of others, I turned my attention to Verizon’s announcement that it would soon be offering the iPhone. Apparently, after years and years of speculation, it was finally happening.

To find out what was going on, I turned my attention to four media outlets live blogging the announcement: The New York Times, Business Insider, VentureBeat and Engadget (in that order). I was actually quite surprised by what I found, as one outlet’s coverage of the event was far superior to the others. Engaged had more information, more updates, and many, many more pictures then any other live-blog I’ve been able to find.

Joshua Topolsky did an amazing job making readers feel like they were at the conference, providing bold time-stamp updates that were easy to follow, engaging, visual and informative. Unfortunately, each of the other three live-blogs I followed lacked one or more of those qualities.

So what are the keys to successfully live-blogging an event? Here are are three simple ways to make your life blog a success:

  1. Use images and video, it makes readers/viewers feel like they’re there with you.
  2. Update constantly, even if it’s mundane information or observations. If someone is  reading a live blog it means they want the information now. If you aren’t giving them constant updates you’ll lose their attention.
  3. Make it easy to follow, because many live-blogs refresh automatically (a good thing) and readers can have trouble finding where they left off.

Do you have any other suggestions for live bloggers?

P.S. We’ve done one live blog before, covering the BusinessWeek layoffs.

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