New Proposal Venue: Groupon 3

Its no secret that the group buying market is on fire right now. Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, CoupMe and dozens more are all competing to be your go-to spot for local discounts.

It seems however that group buying has now reached a new level of ubiquity and popularity as today a woman was proposed to via a custom Groupon!

As with every Groupon, the offer includes a price to buy, the time left to purchase the deal, a photo and of course a description of the offer. This particular deal reads:

“In May of 2006, Greg and Dana’s relationship began as casual movie nights transformed into record-setting make-out sessions. Greg and Dana, or Grana, have happily coexisted since that time. Soon, they will be cohabitating; they are closing on a house, despite having polar opposite careers. Dana is a theatrical artiste, earning a living as an NFL cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, a fact that has forced Greg to endure brutal onslaughts of high-fives. Greg, a cold, logical engineer, plies his trade as a computer man—one of the 150 Americans allowed to use computers.

With a simple answer of “yes,” Dana B. gets to spend the rest of her life with Groupon-approved Stand-up Guy Greg H., who vows to always eat the disgusting bacon from her plate while giving her his tender, delicious mushrooms. A lifetime with Greg H. also comes with such perks as an always-willing concert partner, at least a dozen movie nights over the course of the fiscal year, IT support, and a continued willingness to pretend to enjoy theater.”

What do you think? Does group buying scream “marry me”?

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