Soon We’ll All Be Using Tablets (Predicts Forrester) 2

Forrester has released a report predicting that very soon, one third of U.S. consumers will have joined tablet-mania, or taken a gulp of the tablet cool-aid (whichever you want to call it). The analyst firm says this rate of adoption will take place over the next 4 years (see the chart above).

I tend to agree with Forrester. Tablets (especially the iPad) are very cool and people are being easily enticed to purchase one. I don’t own one, but any time I’m on a plane and I see a 10-year old watching a movie on the tablet, I’m immediately jealous. But, beyond the benefits it offers to air travel, tablets will become even more useful in businesses and personal settings, and their capabilities will continue to increase while the price drops, making it more affordable and useful for the majority of consumers.

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