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Viral Videos 101 [INFOGRAPHIC] 3

ShareEvery PR/Marketing person dreams of being the genius mind behind a successful viral video. In 2011 content creation is king and producing an entertaining and informative video to raise brand awareness is a high priority for any PR/Marketing team. Enter this superb infographic posted by Mashable. Seriously, superb. There are […]

Interview with Bostinnovation’s Alleigh Marré (VIDEO) 4

ShareLast night Bostinnovation held a launch party to celebrate their first year in existence and the launch of their new platform. During the event – which attracted a large crowd – we were lucky enough to catch up and record a video with Alleigh Marré, a Bostinnovation contributor. Alleigh covers […]


A Golden Globe for Mark Zuckerberg 7

Share*This is a guest post by Nidhi Mathson, Account Executive at Racepoint Group. Follow her on Twitter @NidhiMathson. If you watched the Golden Globe awards this past weekend, you know that the film “The Social Network” snagged a number of the big awards including “Best Film,” “Best Director,” “Best Actor” […]

LivingSocial’s Deal Catapults Group Buying Site into National Spotlight 5

Share While Groupon is practically a household name at this point, we learned today that  other group buying sites are not content to sit in the background. LivingSocial, a group buying site with national reach, today launched an unprecedented deal. It’s not the discount that was amazing, it was the […]