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Life As The Community Manager At oneforty 3

Share Janet Aronica is the community manager at oneforty, an online community that rates and shares social media monitoring software. She was kind enough to answer some questions for us about what life if like as a community manager, and and what she does behind the scenes at oneforty. To learn more about Janet you […]

Janet Aronica


Viral Videos 101 [INFOGRAPHIC] 3

ShareEvery PR/Marketing person dreams of being the genius mind behind a successful viral video. In 2011 content creation is king and producing an entertaining and informative video to raise brand awareness is a high priority for any PR/Marketing team. Enter this superb infographic posted by Mashable. Seriously, superb. There are several valuable statistics illustrated here […]

Interview with Bostinnovation’s Alleigh Marré (VIDEO) 4

ShareLast night Bostinnovation held a launch party to celebrate their first year in existence and the launch of their new platform. During the event – which attracted a large crowd – we were lucky enough to catch up and record a video with Alleigh Marré, a Bostinnovation contributor. Alleigh covers gov 2.0, health and running […]


A Golden Globe for Mark Zuckerberg 7

Share*This is a guest post by Nidhi Mathson, Account Executive at Racepoint Group. Follow her on Twitter @NidhiMathson. If you watched the Golden Globe awards this past weekend, you know that the film “The Social Network” snagged a number of the big awards including “Best Film,” “Best Director,” “Best Actor” and  “Best Adapted Screenplay.” Watching […]

LivingSocial’s Deal Catapults Group Buying Site into National Spotlight 5

Share While Groupon is practically a household name at this point, we learned today that  other group buying sites are not content to sit in the background. LivingSocial, a group buying site with national reach, today launched an unprecedented deal. It’s not the discount that was amazing, it was the place: As of 4:45pm […]


Starbucks’ Mobile Payment System Is Just The Beginning

Share The big news today is that Starbucks has launched a mobile payment app, where customers can make purchases with their Starbucks card directly through their phone (a short video from Starbucks  provides an overview on how this works – it’s very simple). While this app made a lot of news today, the long-term use […]