Facebook Deals Launches – Goodbye Foursquare? 10

Today Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Deals, a way that businesses can offer discounts or special offers to customers that check-in through Facebook Places. Facebook provides a great overview of this announcement and how Facebook Deals works through this video.

Facebook already has some great brands on board, including the Gap, Chipolte REI and Starbucks. Many of them are offering impressive deals, and the quality and quantity of deals will certainly grow.

What does this mean for companies like Foursquare and Groupon? I don’t anticipate this causing major problems for Groupon, as their ‘deal of the day’ approach works with consumers and usually offers very good discounts, providing businesses with a lot of cash up front. However, Facebook has essentially copied Foursquare (besides the badges) and has a much larger user base to attract business partners.

if you’re using multiple location-based social platforms, will Facebook Deals change your social networking habits?

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