Who Is Buying Facebook Credits? 4

When I was walking through Target last week I saw a product stand filled with little blue cards. As I walked closer to the stand I realized that it was filled with hundreds of Facebook credits, which immediately made me wonder who was buying them. And for the people that are actually buying Facebook credits, who is purchasing them at Target?

Facebook credits aren’t actual currency. It’s money that can be used for games, virtual gifts, etc. but has no real value. Are people so into Farmville and other virtual games that they’re paying money to get extra cows? (Disclaimer: I’ve never played Farmville so please excuse my ignorance as to how it works).

Maybe I don’t understand the thrill of winning a virtual game, but this Facebook credit system seems like such a waste. Instead of sending your friend a virtual cake or flowers for their birthday, how about you go get a real cake or flowers. Unless Facebook credits turn into an actual currency that’s good for real purchases I don’t see how they are valuable in any way.

A good way to see if people are in fact ‘into’ these Facebook credits will be this holiday season when your family or office is doing a Yankee swap. Will they appear in the pile of gifts being exchanged? Let’s home people leave that gift on the shelves at Target.

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