Please Unlink Your Twitter and Facebook Accounts! 16

Are your Facebook friends the same people as your Twitter followers? If the answer is no (and let’s be honest, it probably is) then please unlink your Twitter and Facebook accounts! Here are the two main reasons why:

  1. Most of your Facebook friends probably don’t care about the content you post on Twitter.
  2. The signs for @replies, re-tweets and hash tags that you use on Twitter don’t correlate to Facebook. They can’t be clicked on like hyperlinks and probably confuse at least half of your Facebook friends.

The picture below shows one person’s stream of posts on Facebook. As you can see, they were all made through TweetDeck and use re-tweets that don’t link to the original poster’s Twitter page. It also has short links instead of an attached link that gives  Facebook friends a preview of the content you’re sharing, usually containing the headline and an image or a video.

The value of an actual Facebook post (rather then a tweet syndicated on Facebook) shouldn’t be underestimated. Your Facebook friends will pay attention to the post instead of scanning through it because it makes no sense and is simply doesn’t fit. So improve your social media presence and make it easier on your Facebook friends – please, please unlink your Facebook and Twitter page!

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