Monthly Archives: October 2010

ESPN’s Breaking News Policy 5

Share Last week Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy) made national news when he accidentally publicly tweeted something that was supposed to be a DM: The Patriots were on the verge of trading Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings. Simmons’ tweet only stated “Moss vikings” but as soon as it appeared in 1,200,000+ Twitter feeds […]

Skype Gets Friendly 14

ShareThis morning Leena Rao reported for Tech Crunch that Skype has launched Skype 5.0 with new features, most signifcantly, intergration with Facebook. While Skype has become the standard go-to for video calling, there was no social aspect to the service. Rao described the new integration: “After logging in via Facebook Connect, you’ll be able to […]



Groupon Is VERY Sorry To See You Go 8

Share How does Groupon keep its subscribers? Besides offering them a great product, they have managed to put any people who unsubscribe on a guilt trip. The image above was part of a co-worker’s unsubscribe process for Chicago’s Groupon (note: they selected this following a vacation, not because they didn’t like Groupon). Groupon has showed […]

Old McDonald’s Had A Farm 8

ShareThis week USA Today’s Bruce Horovitz reported that McDonald’s has taken their social media strategy to a new level of engagement by planting their own, branded farm via Facebook’s incredibly popular application, FarmVille. McDonald’s recently dominated headlines for their effective use of the mobile check-in application, Foursquare, which increased foot traffic to McDonald’s stores by […]