Why Is Everyone Complaining About Facebook? 4

Over the past few months the “cool” thing to do has been to complain about Facebook. There was an uproar over privacy settings, ongoing criticism about advertising, and now the American Customer Satisfaction Index reports that Facebook ranks terribly low in customer satisfaction.

First, privacy. I’ve used Facebook since the fall of 2004 and consider myself a typical user. I have never had any privacy issues with Facebook, as I actually took the time to carefully go through Facebook’s privacy settings and set them. No, it’s not one click of a button, but it allowed me to customize privacy settings for groups of people, and even specific users – which is exactly what I wanted. This whole process took about 5 minutes, and I went pretty in-depth. Complaining that it will take 5-10 minutes to manage privacy settings is like complaining that your seat belt doesn’t automatically buckle when you go into your car. Take the time, and make sure everything is done right.

Second, advertising. Almost every single site has advertising – or sponsors. It’s their way of making money. If you don’t like the advertising, overlook it. Besides, the video clips played during shows on Hulu is so much more annoying then Facebook ads.

The funniest part of advertising and sponsor complains is that for years and years, Facebook was attacked for not having a solid revenue strategy in place. Now that they are making money from advertising, their advertising model is attacked. It’s a no-win situation.

Third – the customer satisfaction survey. MSNBC’s headline yesterday was, “Facebook hated as much as airlines, cable companies.” Seriously? Airplanes are so bad these days that airlines are adding Wi-Fi so passengers are able to go on Facebook during their flight in hopes of making it through hours of stale air in a cramped seat. And cable companies are trying to enhance their offerings by integrating Facebook! To me, it sounds like Facebook is wanted…

So where is all this Facebook hate coming from?

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