License Plate Ads Under Consideration in California 8

The state of California is currently considering a license plate advertising initiative that could help close the state’s massive $19 billion deficit and add yet another distraction for drivers.

State lawmakers are considering a proposal that would display advertisements on rear license plates while cars are stopped. When they are moving, the numbers and letters on the license plate would re-appear.

This would allow the state to create a new revenue stream – but not without some skepticism. Even though California has outlawed using hand heldĀ devices while driving, commuters are still faced with heavy traffic during their morning and afternoon commutes, and are likely using blue tooth to conduct business and personal calls. License plate ads would add to the distractions and could result in some displaced anger and/or accidents.

Some commuters may also feel slighted that they will not reap any financial benefits from advertisements occurring on their cars, which could drive increased vehicle advertising.

How would you feel about having one of these license plates on your car?

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