‘David On Demand’ Twitter Experiment Offers Intrigue – But Why? 7

On June 21st advertising executive David Perez will officially turn his life over to Twitter. Why? He wants his boss to send him to a conference.

Perez and his boss agreed that if Perez spends one week on Twitter doing anything (not illegal) that his Twitter followers demand, Perez will get to travel to France and attend the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. While this seems like a strange means to attending a conference, keep in mind that Perez and his boss work in advertising and picked this specific challenge (or whatever you want to call it) for a reason.

Perez will spend an entire week doing whatever his Twitter followers order. These tasks could be simple (drink a can of soda), tedious (jump up and down on one foot) or downright weird (let your imagination wonder).

Life streaming has already become quite popular, with sites like Justin TV taking off in recent years.  Even celebrities, like former NBA star Stephon Marbury, have gotten in on the action (Marbury had what seemed like a complete meltdown on camera last summer). However, this may be the first time someone has left control of their actions in the hands of everyone else.

So what could prove to be a very boring, pointless and stupid experiment may also be intriguing enough to drive a lot of viewers and followers next week when David Perez officially turns his life over to Twitter.

For his sake, I hope the conference (and Cannes) is worth it.

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7 thoughts on “‘David On Demand’ Twitter Experiment Offers Intrigue – But Why?

  • Katy Askew

    Well, it certainly got me intrigued. A bit disappointed I have to wait until 21st June though :-(

  • Nicholas shields

    This is interesting. Actually reminds me of the Burger King interactive chicken from about 5 years ago. You would type in your commands and he would do them. Obviously there was a pre-set list of moves that he did, and it was not live. But it is still a neat idea. I have to wonder how blurred the fun/absurd line is going to become with people making requests. Like you said, I hope this conference and Cannes lives up to the hype he has built in his head to compel him to do something like this.

  • Jon Gifford

    Ahhh! Just like the opening of a can of Schweppes, the Mad Men really, truly want you to know they grasp your emotions.

    Sadly, since the social and open-source tactics of the interweb have eluded the irritable bowel crowd for so long, Dave and his increasingly amusing dark masters are reduced to this.

    Ahhh! What an elegant tie-in with Cannes. Not to mention current public sentiment on immigration and funny last names.

    Apparently, someone heard “impermanence” and thought, “Yeah man. Just like ‘EDtv’ Totally.”

    Good luck analog ‘broos’.

    Oops. Forgot to google ‘broos’.

    That IS what the kids are saying these days, right?