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This is a guest post contributed by Racepoint Group intern Allie Palmer

Dan Neely Networked Insights

Dan Neely

Racepoint Group Chairman Larry Weber recently interviewed Dan Neely, the founder and CEO of Networked Insights – a Wisconsin-based company developed to analyze the data drawn from social media sources.

In this episode of Market Edge, Neely discusses customer and social intelligence, a relevant and pressing topic given the increasing access to current public opinion through social channels.

Neely points out the fact that businesses are currently spending about 80% of their time gathering data and just 20% of their time drawing conclusions from that data. Neely, however believes that the process should be just the opposite for effective business operations, product development and marketing.

Weber and Neely go on to discuss the application of social data analysis, including both the benefits and challenges Facebook presents, the future of Google, and the future of digital couponing. Neely highlights the efforts of businesses such as Research in Motion and Whirlpool, and uses their models (and success) as an introduction to the tools necessary for PR and marketing teams to start acting strategically, not reactively.

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