The Average Blogger Is How Old? Can I Check Your ID? 6

Over the weekend Brenna Ehrlich of social media site Mashable shared some interesting statistics and charts from research company Sysomos, dissecting the biography of the average blogger.

The Sysomos research report entitled “Inside Blog Demographics,” found that the average blogger is age 21 – 35. This particular age demographic represents 53% of the total blogging population.

Given mommy blogger mania, you might think the majority of bloggers are female. Or possibly if you follow numerous technology and gadget blogs, you might think men dominate the blog scene. Well, you’d be right on both counts. According to this report, bloggers are 50.9% female and 49.1% male. Almost a dead even split.

I think the statistics that surprised me most were the location demographics. Only 29.2% of bloggers are located in the United States. Does that seem low to anyone else?

Amongst the 29.2% of American bloggers, the largest percentage hail from California (14.1%), with New York coming in second at 7.1%. No surprise there.

You can view the full country by country break down below:

Did you realize the average blogger was a recent college grad in CA or NY?

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