Twitter Makes Tweets Embeddable 2

More often than not, a piece of the entry I’m working on for RaceTalk revolves around a tweet, or at the very least includes a quote from a tweet. The one problem with illustrating that has been there is no easy way to get that tweet into a blog entry. Sure, you can take a screen capture or simply link to the tweet. However, that doesn’t offer you the same customization that you get with embedding content (YouTube videos, uStreams, etc.). Not any longer, according to a post on the Twitter Media site. Twitter will be enabling embeddable tweets starting tomorrow.

Now WordPress blogs like this one to outlets such as the New York Times can simply embed tweets for reference or citation within a story. Twitter highlights the way Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb covered the HP and Palm deal leveraging the best tweets on the topic within his post. Now, unlike those sometimes grainy photos, bloggers will be able to embed visually pleasing tweets with the click of the button. In short, they’ll look like the one above, only it will be click-able and much better looking.

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