AOL Travel sends ‘mystery flyer’ a-Twitter 6

AOL Travel is launching a really cool project over the next several weeks. They are sending a someone undercover to fly on ten major U.S. airline carriers and report back on their experience. Called the mystery flyer, this person is blogging and tweeting their travel experience.

So far the AOL Mystery Flyer has reported on Jet Blue and US Airways, and a report on Spirit Airlines is currently coming through on Twitter.

Since airline travel has been such a frustrating experience for many people over the past several years (especially with added fees for almost everything) this is proving to be quite the cool investigative report for AOL. The blog reports and real-time updates through Twitter enables followers to live through the experience and ask questions as the trip progresses.

Be sure to follow this Twitter handle in the upcoming weeks to get a glimpse of the best and worst airlines.

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