Facebook Fan Page Stats, Reporting for Duty 2

Adam Ostrow reported for Mashable this morning that several Facebook Fan Page admins have received new email reports this week from the powers that be at the social networking giant.

What type of report exactly? It seems to be a weekly email update with statistics on their Fan Page, such as number of fans added, number of comments and “likes”, as well as number of visitors to the page.

Ostrow explains that Facebook already has an “Post Insights” feature in addition to this stats report:

“The feature hasn’t been officially announced yet by Facebook, but it follows January’s rollout of Post Insights, which tells you the reach and feedback level of each item you post to a Fan Page. Meanwhile, Facebook’s overall Insights feature for admins can tell you details about your demographics, longer-term growth, and engagement trends.”

If your company has a dedicated social media person on your staff (or a team of people) its highly likely you are already measuring this type of social media growth and engagement. However, if you are a smaller operation, this may decrease some of your workload by providing you with quick, easy to interpret data that you can use to merchandise the Fan Page and highlight its value for the business.

This may slash some new business opportunities for third party social media analytics companies; however Facebook likely sees this new feature as a way to make Fan Pages more appealing to brands, who they would like to see spend big advertising dollars on the site.

If you manage a Facebook Fan Page, would you like to receive this weekly statistics report?

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