Why I’ve Decided to Treat Foursquare Like Yelp 3

A few months ago I finally decided to try out Foursquare, after getting a few different invitations to the service. I quickly set up an account and checked in at a few different places (the office, JP Licks, Starbucks and others). I also used the tips tab to see what other people enjoyed at certain restaurants. One day I was in a new area and needed to find lunch. I ended up at a local pizza shop that had good reviews on foursquare.

After my trial period with Foursquare, I’ve decided that I only enjoy certain features of the social network. It’s great being able to get tips from people that have been to restaurants already, and I will continue to use this feature going forward. However, I really do not want people to know where I am at all times. Since I’m already using Facebook and Twitter (and anyone that is truly a friend follows my updates on Facebook) there is no need to provide another audience with my whereabouts. Foursquare can get a little too personal, especially if it’s letting strangers (i.e.: online friends and others) know my location, especially if I’m away on vacation. (Yes, location-based networks help thieves).

Having reached this decision, I am now using Foursquare in conjunction with Yelp, as a tool that can help me find location places and check reviews. This is how Foursquare provides value to me.

My question is if other feel the same way. Do you believe that foursquare is a little too personal? And how is it different then Twitter or other open social networks?

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