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Peter Shankman’s HARO (Help A Reporter Out) announced today that the service will become a little more personalized next week. In a blog post, Shankman reported that on Tuesday, HARO will begin offering users new ways to access the site, and trim down the amount of queries they receive daily.

Among the new features HARO will offer:

  • Subscribers can chose which sections of HARO they want to receive and access HARO through email (the current method) or through HARO’s website.
  • Advertisers can chose to place ads for individual sections (i.e. technology, lifestyle).
  • Reporters can rate and comment on pitches (a tool Shankman hopes will teach people how to write better pitches).

Shankman says that while each of these updates have come from user feedback, these are all optional, so that subscribers and advertisers only have to make these changes if they want to.

HARO’s turn towards personalization is a smart move, as recent emails have given subscribers as many as 75 queries to search through – which can be overwhelming and time consuming. Furthermore, making all changes optional allows HARO to keep its users happy, unlike every time Facebook implements massive mandatory changes to its layout.

HARO currently has more than 100,000 subscribers.

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