Could Google’s Nexus One Kill TV Ads? 3


If Google is successful with selling it, the answer may be yes. One of the more under-covered aspects of Google’s launch of Nexus One this week was its proclamation that it would only market the device online. Yes, the device will be in T-Mobile and eventually Verizon stores, in addition to being available online through Google. However, Google won’t be sending any “coverage map” campaigns or Luke Wilsons consumer’s way. Just phones and online marketing, which is something that would scare most retailers to death. No television cover?

But this is Google after all and they’re willing to bet they may be able to reach consumers their way. They have this thing called a search engine that is pretty popular I hear. Step one of that online marketing effort is giving the Nexus One ad space on’s homepage that is usually only reserved for holiday logos and event tributes. More than 70% of all Internet searches come through that page according to Hitwise, meaning Google will reach north of 100 million users with an enticement and link to check out the Nexus One each day.

Will it work? That’s hard to say. Even the biggest advocates of social media and online marketing believe TV and even radio advertising still get a piece of the pie. However, if Google is successful it will be a strong nod to the fact that television advertising is no longer the foundation of launching consumer products to the mass market.

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