Is AOL Buying Mashable? 3

Several reports this afternoon indicate that Mashable is on the verge of being acquired by AOL. Gawker reported this development around 3:00pm, and Robert Scoble also reported the news today.

According to Scoble’s Twitter handle:

My sources confirm that Mashable is being sold to AOL. Trying to get more details now.

Mashable founder Peter Cashmore (24 years old) responded to Gawker’s request with a non-comment:

We don’t comment on speculation, but we do hold our writers in high regard and pay a competitive salary for their tireless efforts.

A couple other Mashable bloggers have written vague posts on Twitter, which hint that there is something in the works:

Ben Parr:I’m on a plane at the moment, but I do not comment on speculation or rumors. That’s all I have to say on the matter.”

Jenn Van Grove:Mashable’s team campfire chat is buzzing right now… I bet you wish you were a fly on those walls :P”

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