Seesmic to Ping 50 Social Networks 2

It didn’t take long for 2010 to produce its first acquisition in the social media space. Seesmic made news today by acquiring, the social network aggregator. Together the two services will now allow users to update 50 social networks using from email, chat, sms, Blackberry, Android, the Web, etc.

The acquisition is likely a sign of things to come this year as consolidation takes hold of the industry. Not only with services but also with agencies in the space (as Chris Brogan noted recently). The service consolidation in this case makes a lot of sense given the business value of simplifying social media use, especially for companies that are active in numerous social networks with their brand.

Start-ups in the space like Seesmic and Radian6, which address issues that corporations realize they must tackle with their “owned media strategy” in 2010, are poised for big years.

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