American Airlines thankful for ‘Up in the Air’ this holiday season 7

What industry consistently frustrates people to no end? It’s an easy answer: airlines.

That’s why the movie ‘Up in the Air’ has been an absolute blessing for American Airlines. First, the company did not pay for product placement in the movie. They simply helped with the filming of the movie (filming space in terminals and and planes), in return for some really positive PR, says the New York Times.

Much of the film takes place in airports or on planes, with Mr. Clooney swiping his frequent flier card at American Airlines kiosks, interacting with its flight attendants and ticket agents, and luxuriating in its Admirals Club lounges.

On top of that, the movie actually shows Clooney having a positive experience with the airlines, from check-in to boarding the plane (maybe this movie should be listed in the “fiction” category). Could this have turned out any better for AA?

Since this movie may be the only positive thing that happened to AA in 2009, the airline has taken full advantage by marketing the movie in every way possible. They have shown trailers everywhere, including, during flights, etc., and even held a press screening during a flight.

For a movie that didn’t cost AA (for product placement and/or sponsorship), this is a sure win.

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