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The past two days we have looked at 2009’s Best of YouTube and Best of Facebook, and today we’re taking a dive into the social network that had everyone tweeting. In 2009 Twitter went from a social network that was catching on to one of the most visited and talked about Web sites, impacting our lives in ways that we never imagined. The following tweets and trends were some of the most significant developments involving Twitter in 2009, influencing mainstream media and the multimedia world that we live in today.

RaceTalk’s Best of Twitter 2009

1. Michael Jackson’s Death: The news that Michael Jackson had died almost took down Twitter completely. In fact, over 30 percent of tweets were on this topic at one point, and the news of his death was first reported over – take a guess – Twitter. Of course, this also brought out the worst in Twitter, as many users would sign in only to find the fail whale smiling at them.

2. Plane landing in the Hudson: The first report of a US Airways plane landing in the Hudson River wasn’t by CNN, NBC or any other television station – it was on Twitter. Passenger Janis Krums sent out a TwitPic just minutes after the plane came to its water landing, which was heavily circulated on the Web and was the first photo of the incident.

3.  Twitter Goes Green: In support of democracy during the 2009 Iranian election, many Twitter users began shading their profile pictures green. This became one of the largest trending topics of the year, and #iranelection was the second most used hash tag of the year (the first was #musicmonday, not #swineflu)

4. Marriage Proposals and Giving Birth: A marriage proposal over Twitter may not be romantic, but it was very unique. In 2009 Twitter saw its first public marriage proposal, and once the first one occurred, others followed as well (honestly, this seems like asking someone on a date through a note in middle school). Following engagements, Twitter became involved in giving birth, as Sara Morishige Williams (wife of Twitter co-founder Evan Williams) tweeted her way through labor.

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