2009 Year in Review: Best of Facebook 4

Yesterday RaceTalk presented you with “The Best of YouTube” as the first of three posts on the most memorable and entertaining social media moments in 2009.  Today’s post brings you gems from your favorite social network and mine, Facebook.

RaceTalk’s Best of Facebook 2009:

1) You Like This: In 2009 Facebook added a new feature that allowed users to give a thumbs up beneath a new post rather than writing a comment.  This way, you can show your approval or agreement without having to come up with a single, witty word to say.  This addition also sparked a movement for a “dislike” button.

You Like This Facebook

2) The Whopper Sacrifice: Which do you value more – your Facebook friends or a free Whopper?  Burger King asked Facebook users to give up ten of their “friends” in exchange for free grub.  Brutal?  Yes.  Delicious?  Yes.

whopper sacrifice

3) The Facebook Updating Groom: We knew it would only be a matter of time until people starting sharing news about major life events on social networks in real time.  No, I mean major.  Did we think a man would pause his wedding ceremony to change his Facebook status to “married”?  That’s a little extreme, even for us.

Facebook Updating Groom

Check back tomorrow as we close out the week with RaceTalk’s “Best of Twitter.”

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