PR Advice for Tiger Woods 11

The past week has been pretty close to rock bottom for Tiger Woods. While just recently he was seen as the can-do-no-wrong athlete, this sparkling image has left him for good, as reports of numerous mistresses and cheating has filled the television, Internet and social media news waves. So far Tiger has chosen to just release two statements on his website, leaving hungry reporters looking for more. It seems like he could use a little bit of PR advice just about now:

1. Take control of the story: Posting a statement to your website will get a message through, but you don’t say anything specific in the statement. This results in people digging for more information, and creating the story on your own. If you create your own content it will be used. If you were to hold a press conference, that would be the lead picture in stories instead of pictures of your mistresses.

3. Be Honest: No one likes a liar. If you lie, TMZ reporters will continue to sniff out the truth, and based on what we know already, it could get a lot worse for you. If you’re honest people won’t stop looking for more information, but it will slow down. It’s important to realize that damaging news coming from you is much better then damaging news coming from a third party.

3. Apologize: You’re not the first superstar to mess up. Kobe Bryant didn’t just have an affair – he was charged with sexual assault. He apologized during a press conference and now he’s on the top of the world, fresh off a NBA championship. When we found out A-Rod did steroids, he apologized during a press conference, and now he’s fresh off a World Series victory. When it came out that President Clinton had an affair, he apologized (eventually), and now he’s back in the White House (kind of). All three of these people rebounded from their mistakes. The ones who did not? Well, just look at Roger Clemens. Besides, America loves to forgive, and loves a winner.

This is our second installment of “PR Advice.” You can read our PR advice for Manny Ramirez here.


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11 thoughts on “PR Advice for Tiger Woods

  • somewherehere

    What a bunch of nonsensical twaddle. This guy has had numerous affairs–while his wife was either pregnant or caring for toddlers–all the while working the phony ‘family man’ image. You could argue that the whole point of the kids was to keep the wife safely at home. He’s toast. Folks are also tired of paying for Gillette, Nike, Gatorade, ATT and other brands that support the whoring around, the hush money, and the life of a degenerate.

  • Ben Haber Post author

    Hi ‘Somweherehere,’

    I agree with you that Tiger has proved he is not the good, clean, stand-up person that he portrayed for the past 10 years. He did a good job at keeping his life a secret, and succeeded up until a week ago. However, I don’t agree that he’s toast. Everyone said the same thing about Kobe Bryant, A-Rod, etc. While he’s down big right now, if he’s honest and apologetic things will turn around for him because people like a winner. I’m not saying it’s look, but that’s how it is. You need to look at this from the larger picture. Also, if the Nike’s & Gatorade’s thought this would hurt business they would have dropped him already, but they have all stood by him and released numerous statements in support.

  • somewherehere

    I hear you, but disagree. Kobe and ARod’s appeal, for one, wasn’t built around the family man image to the extent that Tiger’s was. And golf, unlike most other sports, is far more gentile, often viewed on ‘family day Sunday.’ But there’s more: ARod and Kobe don’t have the Stanford pedigree, the stench of rank duplicity lasting for so many years, and Kobe didn’t have the shear number or the sex-while-wife-is pregnant aspect.

    I wouldn’t hold up American corporations as geniuses. After all, these are the guys who wildly miscalculated the housing situation and would have been toast without government welfare. And doubtless they are hedging bets for now ,but the ads are off and Gatorade has dumped Tiger (reportedly before the crash). America does like a winner, but with the exception of golf, this guy is a real loser and my take is that what America really dislikes above all is rank hypocrisy and seeing people rewarded for slimy and underhanded behavior. Finally, I doubt the worst has hit and wouldn’t exclude the possibility of criminal charges if it turns out that his foundation funded the plastic surgery, numerous flights, etc. or if he was somehow involved in the interstate transport of call girls, etc etc etc etc

  • withheld

    My advice to Tiger to try to repair his image is to go for the sympathy vote. He should issue a heartfelt statement that he is suffering from a sex addiction and that he will immediately begin seeking professional help. It may not save him entirely or his marriage, but at least by admitting his addiction (Step 1) and seeking help (Step 2), the public may at least start to get back on his side.

    It sort of worked for David Duchovney.

  • Ciaran Gaines

    The regretable thing with Tiger though is that he didn’t apologize through a visual media. His worded statement failed to let the public view how sincere his statement was. At least Clinton went on video – which NLP practitioners had a field day analysing.