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American Airlines thankful for ‘Up in the Air’ this holiday season 7

Share What industry consistently frustrates people to no end? It’s an easy answer: airlines. That’s why the movie ‘Up in the Air’ has been an absolute blessing for American Airlines. First, the company did not pay for product placement in the movie. They simply helped with the filming of the movie (filming space in terminals […]

2009 Year in Review: Best of Twitter 6

ShareThe past two days we have looked at 2009’s Best of YouTube and Best of Facebook, and today we’re taking a dive into the social network that had everyone tweeting. In 2009 Twitter went from a social network that was catching on to one of the most visited and talked about Web sites, impacting our […]

2009 Year in Review: Best of Facebook 4

ShareYesterday RaceTalk presented you with “The Best of YouTube” as the first of three posts on the most memorable and entertaining social media moments in 2009.  Today’s post brings you gems from your favorite social network and mine, Facebook. RaceTalk’s Best of Facebook 2009: 1) You Like This: In 2009 Facebook added a new feature […]

Facebook Updating Groom

2009 Year in Review: Best of YouTube 11

ShareAs 2009 comes to an end, it’s time to look back at some of the memorable social media moments during the year. This is the first in a series of three posts that will look back at a few of the most entertaining and groundbreaking occurrences on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter this year. RaceTalk’s Best […]

Riddle Me This: McDonald’s to Offer Free Wi-Fi in All Locations 3

Share This morning while driving into work I was listening to the radio and the DJ announced in his morning news wrap up that McDonald’s will now be offering free Wi-Fi in all of its locations. Normally when a popular destination announces a new, convenient service, I feel overjoyed. However, this announcement left me . […]

mcdonalds sign


When Nutella = Healthy 8

Share As any PR or marketing practitioner knows, it’s all in the messaging. Disneyland is not merely an amusement park, but “the happiest place on earth;” Visa is not just a credit card, “it’s everywhere you want to be;” and now thanks to a new ad campaign Nutella is no longer just a delicious, chocolate […]

PR Advice for Tiger Woods 11

Share The past week has been pretty close to rock bottom for Tiger Woods. While just recently he was seen as the can-do-no-wrong athlete, this sparkling image has left him for good, as reports of numerous mistresses and cheating has filled the television, Internet and social media news waves. So far Tiger has chosen to […]

google becomes gatekeeper

Google Becomes Gatekeeper 4

Share Jefferson Graham reported today in USA Today that Google has made changes this week allowing publishers more control over their content that is searchable via the web giant. What does this mean for individuals searching for content via Google? The company’s senior business product manager Josh Cohen wrote on the Google blog, “If you’re […]