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Following its recent sale to Bloomberg, BusinessWeek reporters have probably felt like they’re living through the movie Office Space. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Over the last few weeks, Bloomberg has been asking BusinessWeek editorial staff members to submit resumes, news clips and 250-word statements about their personal qualifications to their new bosses.”

After all of that effort, approximately 100 employees will not be joining the publication as it transitions to Bloomberg. Steve Baker describes the scene at BusinessWeek in his personal blog: “Today is a wrenching day to be in our offices. People troop upstairs and come back carrying different kinds of envelopes.”

Below is a list of talented reporters, writers and editors that will not be working with BusinessWeek as of the end of November (cuts began occurring this morning).

Update (4:30pm): According to Reuters’ Robert MacMillan, 130 people are expected to be cut in the layoff, not 100.

Update (4:50pm): Stephanie Clifford of the Times has linked back to us (thanks for the shout out) and quoted an anonymous insider from BW who thinks the magazine is cutting the bigger voices of the magazine for a reason:

“Every indication we have from Bloomberg people is their model is The Economist, which has a singular voice, not multiple voices.”

Update (11/24, 4:15pm): John A. Byrne, Editor-in-Chief of will not be staying with BusinessWeek as it transitions to Bloomberg. Instead, he will be launching his own digital media company in San Francisco.

*This list uses multiple sources including Twitter, personal blogs and various news sites.

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