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On most days when you hear about someone’s email being posted to a blog or Web site, it’s never a good thing. Sometimes it’s a journalist posting and making fun of a lousy PR pitch, other times it’s a blog posting a leaked or confidential email. Simply put, you never want to see your email suddenly appear on one of these sites – until now.

Scott Kirsner, a columnist for the Boston Globe, recently launched a new blog through Posterous called Read Scott’s Email. The blog consists of interesting and informative emails that Scott has received and wants to share with her readers. Yesterday Scott summarized his intentions for the blog:

Basically, I get way too much interesting e-mail about company launches, product debuts, fundings, executive comings-and-goings, and conferences to ever blog about here, or write about in my column. For much of this stuff, there isn’t much that I’d really want to add: if there’s a cool event happening, you may just want to know where it is and how much it costs, without any commentary from me.

So “Read Scott’s E-Mail” is a chance for me to share some of the stuff that might be worth knowing about, occasionally with a quick remark at the top

My intention isn’t to embarrass anybody with these e-mails, but rather to help spread the word about stuff that people intend to make public. But if you’re sending me a message and you absolutely don’t want it to appear on “Read Scott’s E-Mail,” just let me know and I’ll honor that.

Talk about a refreshing perspective on email!

If anything, this should increase the level of emails and pitches that Scott receives, as people realize there is an increased chance of Scott sharing the content with his readers (it’s quite clear that he receives more interesting story ideas then he’ll ever have a chance to write about). Scott is also turning something that is normally very fearful into a positive, and using Posterous takes relatively little time.

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