Balloon Boy Takes Over Twitter – Still 3

24 hours after yesterday’s events when “Balloon Boy” became a national focus, Twitter is still abuzz about the boy that was actually napping in his attack. Two of the trending topics on Twitter are “#balloonboy” and “Balloon Boy” – showing that this strange event was able to take over the social media world in a matter of hours.

The cool thing about this event is that everyone was able to become a reporter in this situation. Just a few years ago we would have had to turn on the TV or go to a news Web site to get periodic update about the status of this situation. Today, just by going onto Twitter, Facebook or another social network with real-time information, we are able to get a comprehensive look at the news for major (or small) events, and can have a massive variety of opinions.

The amazing thing is that it’s still going on 24 hours later…


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