Early Reviews: Google Wave Disappoints 3

Google Wave was officially launched this week, and so far the lucky 100,000 invited users haven’t had many nice things to say about it. While it’s still very early to make any predictions about its future, here is a rundown of what some bloggers have said about Google wave so far.

Robert Scoble: “This service is way over-hyped and as people start to use it they will realize it brings the worst of email and IM together: unproductivity.”

Steven Hodson: “Am I impressed? Not yet. Not in the least. Sure the real time display of all the people in each of the waves you are involved in might be rather neat but I’m honestly not sure how long it will be before it gets old, boring and irritating.”

John Scalzi: “Google Wave basically strikes me as an innovative small business collaboration tool…Google Wave will not replace your e-mail, paint your house, give you a kidney.”

Meanwhile, Computerworld’s Sharon Gaudin says that the hype surrounding Google Wave should not be ignored, and reporters analysts say Google Wave could find its initial success as an alternative to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Hopefully Google will quickly foll out the Wave to more people before the masses get frustrated .

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