Facebook and Google Go Faster & Lighter 2


Yesterday Facebook launched Facebook Lite, a new site that has a much simpler and cleaner look. After taking it for a spin, the site appears similar to its look for a few years ago, when the news feed, highlights and other features weren’t yet active or were in their beginning stages.

This is a very smart move for Facebook, as one of reason many people didn’t like MySpace was because it was deemed to be cluttered. By cleaning out the site and allowing people to have a simple version to access, it will appeal to those that don’t want to be overwhelmed by content. Also,  as TechCrunch notes, Facebook Lite runs much faster as well.

Facebook Lite follows Google’s recent announcement that they would be launching an upgraded version of their site, called Google Caffeine. This site will improve the speed, accuracy, size and comprehensiveness of Google search

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