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Twitter Real Estate

Whenever I receive an email notification that someone new is following me on Twitter, I visit their profile page, review their tweets, and if I am interested, click “follow” to begin receiving their updates.

Today I was notified that @230NoSt_Hingham was following me on Twitter. I have family in the next town over from Hingham, so I wondered if they had noticed me tweeting about my favorite local spots in that area.

As it turns out @230NoSt_Hingham is not a person, but a property listing. The bio for the Twitter handle reads “Condo gem for sale in a quaint community that’s walkable and within easy public transit to Boston.”

Is Twitter the new forum for real estate listings?

In my post yesterday, “How Craigslist Killed the Hometown Newspaper”, I commented on the presence of Craigslist in small towns causing a decrease in classifieds (such as real estate listings) in local papers, thus decreasing their revenue.

If realtors now have two, free online alternatives to the paid, print classifieds (Craigslist and Twitter), will newspaper real estate listings, and thus local newspapers, become obsolete?

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