Google, Yahoo!, Bing: Which Search Engine Is For You? 2

Are you having trouble figuring out which search engine is best?  There is now an easy way to decide between Google, Yahoo! and Bing – a blind test.  A new site called BlindSearch allows you to enter a search term and see the results from each engine, side by side. Once you go through the list and decide which result column you like the most, you can click “vote for this search engine” and it will tell you which one you selected.

I tried this for the NYC Half Marathon and ended up with these results. Only once of the three columns offered the best link at the top of the results page ( which happened to be Google. I tried a few additional searches as well (the search engines change columns so it keeps you guessing) and ended up selecting Google again, and again.

TechCrunch noted that other tests in the past have showed that people often select Google as the best search engine just because it’s Google. So while that may be true for some, give it a shot and see which search engine is best for you.


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