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Even if you do most of your business in the office, having a way to get connected with important information and better monitor your success is extremely useful. These mobile applications can help marketers of all kinds keep in touch, survey consumers, remember important tasks and much more.

  1. Urbanspoon: If you need great place to take out potential clients, buyers or investors, then use this handy app to find something that suits the needs of all the suits in the room.
  2. Salesforce Mobile: This CRM tool allows users to keep client and prospect information on hand. Update your records while you’re stuck in another endless wait on the tarmac at La Guardia.
  3. iTalk: Make taking notes easy with this app that will also help you avoid carpal tunnel.  Simply say it aloud and save it to your phone.
  4. Surveyor: If you need to get in touch with and survey your target market, this portable application can make the whole process a little less painful.
  5. Stay in Touch: Easily manage all of your business information with this helpful CRM tool.
  6. Analytics Pro: With this app you can keep tabs on the performance of your websites or blog no matter where you are. Its functionality links you up with your Google Analytics account.
  7. Keynote Remote: Mac users can take advantage of this budget app that turns your iPhone into a remote control, which can be used to go through a Keynote presentation – while taking advantage of the local wi-fi connection.
  8. Remember the Milk: If you need a little help remembering the stuff you need to get done outside of work then try out the mobile version of this app. You’ll be able to keep track of mundane tasks like picking up the milk, as well as personal emails that need responses.
  9. Scribble: Here you’ll find an app that will let you jot down ideas and share your designs with others, whether in person or through an email. Simply draw on the screen of your iPhone, which becomes a bit like a whiteboard. If you want to erase – give it a little shake.
  10. Creative Whack Pack: If you’re experiencing a creative block, break out this application filled with exercises designed to stimulate the right side of your brain.

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