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We had the opportunity to attend the TEDx Boston event on Tuesday — it gave us the chance to get out of the office and think about revolutionary ideas that can really make a difference on our lives.  Although it’s highly unlikely that every idea presented will succeed, it was fantastic to see how other people are applying significant time, energy, passion and brain power to solve really tough problems.

All the talks were excellent but a few personal favorites were:

  • Alex Scordato – This “digital native” gave a refreshing talk of what it was like to “reverse mentor” a baby boomer-aged CEO and teach him the ropes of social media. Alexa spoofed stereotypes of both her generation (sometimes known as the “ME Generation) and the boomer generation and proposed that it should be all about “WE.”
  • George Whitesides – A fascinating approach to supplying medical diagnostics in a world where cost is everything. Turns out that paper is nearly ubiquitous, very low cost and makes a great tool for medical diagnosis.
  • TED Video – A video of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’ 2008 TED talk on what it’s like for a brain scientist to experience a stroke.  An unbelievably moving and life-changing talk.
  • John Hoffman – HBO producer behind “The Alzheimer’s Project.”  It was great to see the media giving back to society with an extraordinary documentary on the #2 feared disease in America.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to TED or to a local TEDx event, it’s well worth it.

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