Andreessen: Start-ups Not in the Valley are 3 – 9 Months Behind 2

Marc Andreessen co-founder and general partner of the newly formed VC house Andreessen Horowitz, was one of the highlights of day 1 at Brainstorm: TECH. The current Fortune cover subject, and former TIME cover boy, drew laughs from the audience for comparing the former IBM to the former Soviet Union. He also received some candid responses from the Twittershere in noting that start-ups based outside of “the Valley” are 3-9 months behind.

So if he doesn’t want to work with start-ups outside the Valley, why does he want to be a VC?

“I think there are going to be a ton of important companies created in the next 20 years and a lot of very smart, new entrepreneurs are coming on the scene,” Andreessen told Lashinsky.

In other words it’s time to monetize the relationships he’s built with investors and entrepreneurs across the Valley.

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