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For those of you interested in the MLB all-star game, you may have noticed Reebok’s #lostball posts on Twitter over the last 24 hours. The sportswear/gear company has been encouraging people in St. Louis to be on the lookout for baseballs that are hidden around the city, and has rewards for the lucky ones that uncover and report a missing ball. The company posted the following description on their Facebook page yesterday afternoon describing the scavenger hunt:

Are you in St. Louis for the MLB Allstar game? Reebok is hosting its first-ever Hidden Ball Trick Scavenger Hunt in downtown St. Louis. The hunt kicks off on Monday, July 13th in anticipation of the MLB All-Star game. Reebok is hiding 150 balls in the downtown area. Each ball is worth a prize. Prizes range from Reebok gear to a grand prize of two autographed baseballs signed by 13 different MLB Allstars . All you have to do is locate a ball and you win.

As of 1:00pm today only 5 balls missing balls have been reported as found, but this is a great marketing campaign that appears to be completely through Twitter and Facebook.  While it hasn’t attracted a ton of attention yet, it’s a clear sign of the types of marketing large companies are moving towards.

You can follow the contest along at and #lostball.


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