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It’s easy to use Twitter regularly but not realize how you are using it. That’s where a new tool called Twit Truth comes in, which provides some telling data on how people actually use Twitter and designates users as promoters or engagers.

Twit Truth’s home page lists data about the top 500 Twitter users and show how well they have done interacting with the followers and what their individual Twitter trends are. For example, John Mayer is currently listed ninth on Twit Truth’s list and is listed as a “promoter” by Twit Truth. This means that more then half of his tweets do not communicate with or engage other users, and are instead used to promote his own content/ideas/thoughts, etc. such as yesterday’s update announcing that he will be playing at Michel Jackson’s memorial service. Twit Truth also reports that the chances of John replying to a DM are 1 in 356.58 (he responds to an average of 2.51 messages per day) and that just 19 percent of John’s tweets engage another user.

If you scroll through Twit Truth you will also learn that 98 percent of Mashable’s Pete Cashmore’s tweets don’t engage anyone (he’s listed as a promoter), Starbucks Coffee is very likely to respond to a DM (they respond to 84 percent of incoming DMs) and CNN’s Rick Sanchez replies to 1 in every 3.23 @ messages he receives.

While it’s quite interesting to browse through this data, Twit Truth provides users with an easy way to determine if someone is worth following. Do they respond to messages, provide links and information, or are they given the scarlet letter label of a “promoter” like Mayer?

Additionally, you can also add yourself to Twit Truth to access your own stats and find out if you’re an engager or promoter – but watch out, the results could be surprising!

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