Microsoft Wants You to “Bing It” On Internet Explorer 3

As Firefox 3.5 flew past 1 million downloads yesterday Microsoft unsealed a new video commercial taking aim at the popular Internet browser. The video (which is a little strange) touts the benefits of  Internet Explorer’s in-private browsing (Firefox does have private browsing).

This video reminded me of another video that Google made a couple weeks ago in Times Square (below) , where they asked people passing by what a browser is.  Less then 8 percent of the people surveyed actually knew what a browser was and one of the most popular answers to the question was Google.

According to this chart (below) in May 2009 Firefox had nearly a 48 percent market share – a number that has been steadily increasing. Chrome has also seen its market share increase, but is still only at 5.5 percent. While Internet Explorer still had over 40 percent market share it has seen its numbers continuing to decline, which may explain its new marketing push and (strange) video.


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