Tweetboard on RaceTalk 3


If you’re a regular visitor to our site, or maybe even a first time reader, you’ll notice the green tab on the left of the screen, courtesy of Tweetboard.

Tweetboard, launched by 140 Ware within the last week, is a new micro-forum application that allows readers like you to tweet about the content on RaceTalk with other Twitter users.

Once you click on the tab on the left and sign in (allows you to link with your twitter account), you will see tweets by me (kyledaustin) and anyone else that is commenting about RaceTalk, and content on the site. If you post via the board yourself, a short-link back to the corresponding conversation is appended to your tweet, letting your followers know that you’re discussing something here.

In the future Tweetboard hopes to provide funtionality for customized discussions around live streaming content and specific pages / posts on a Website.

I’ve reviewed the service in further detail for marketers and content providers over on Fast Company, but I hope you join the Twitter conversation here using Tweetboard, as you continue to share your feedback and comments on posts and ideas. I think it will spark some good real-time discussions.

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