Nokia Goes with User Created Spot, Spike Lee Declares Death to Agencies 4

For ad agencies feeling the squeeze of the “media meltdown,” there’s more bad news on Madison Ave. Amateur film makers are getting into the ad creation business and Spike Lee is declaring “who needs agencies?”

This ad embedded above, is something you’d expect from a big house ad agency like Omnicom, but in fact it was created by Hiroki Ono, a 23-year-old film student from Yokohama, Japan. Ono was the winner of a contest put on by Mofilm, a pioneer of short films for mobile and on-line distribution.

Spike Lee, the award-winning filmmaker who served as a judge for the contest sees the user created approach as part of the global innovation shift, which he noted to the Financial Times:

“I watched the final 12 films, the quality is amazing,” he said. “I think that this demonstrates that you can’t dictate where talent is. The same way I feel you don’t have to go to film school to be a filmmaker, you don’t have to be an employee of an advertising agency to make advertising also.”

User created ads and contests have become popular tools for brands and agencies in recent years, given the viral impact they create pre and post-spot, along with the production savings they provide. Doritos, for example,  has been extremely successful in using user created ads for the Super Bowl. The transition has also opened the door to advertising focused social networks – like AdHack, which have become open markets for user created ideas and unpolished videos.

However, this move towards consumer friendly, viral videos may not be bad news for all agencies (especially if they have insight in new media). Nokia, itself, recently used London-based enterThe7thChamber, a viral marketing (and seeding) agency, to create this spot below.

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4 thoughts on “Nokia Goes with User Created Spot, Spike Lee Declares Death to Agencies

  • James

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for the link to AdHack.

    The FT article is another great proof point for our model of connecting ad creators with ad buyers anywhere.

    We recently finished a TV ad where we connected an ad buyer in Montana with an ad creator in Los Angeles to great success. Here’s the quick case study:

    Now that we’ve all got the tools to create great ads we’re seeing a huge increase in the number of places those ads can be created.

    Smart agencies can adapt and use these changes to their advantage, as a new source for creative ideas and work. And sites like AdHack can help them.

    Great stories come from everywhere.

  • Kyle Austin Post author

    James – I agree with you there…the model has been turned on its head…The combination of this “nuclear winter” on Madison Ave. and the digital evolution has accelerated the shift 10-fold…

  • Juliana

    Interesting post and definitely a trend we’re seeing more and more of today. Netflix’s contest to create a recommendation engine better than its current one is another great example of companies using the public for their benefit. While not directly related to advertising/PR agencies, it still has the viral and cost saving effects of getting consumers involved.

    Good NYT piece on it on Friday A team of global engineers developed an engine that improved the recommendation accuracy by 10%. Seeing as that function is a main selling point for Netflix already, that 10% has the potential to increase its customer base tremendously – not to mention it only cost them $1 M, probably a lot less than creating it internally.