Will iPhone Instant Messaging Replace Text Messaging? 3

The AIM app is now new, and it’s actually been available for some time now. However, the iPhone now allows you to “push” AIM messages, making them almost identical to receiving a text message – the first step in what could be major changes to text messaging.

Silicon Alley Insider has more:

AOL’s new AIM app for the iPhone — available now in free, ad-supported, and $2.99, no-ad flavors — is the start. It’s the first major IM app for the iPhone’s new 3.0 software that includes push notifications.

What does that mean? It means that when you receive an IM, no matter what you’re doing, the iPhone pops up an alert message and a cue to open the AIM app to reply. Just the way text messages show up on the iPhone.

So what are the possible outcomes from this?

1. If people begin using AIM or other apps to communicate via text, it will create a much less expensive way to talk and force phone carriers to change the way they charge for text messaging.

2. Companies that market via text message could turn to IM instead. It would create a much less expensive way to communicate and spread the world about new offers, discounts and news. It also would allow them to post information through some type of “away message” to share information with consumers 24/7 without bombarding them with text messages.

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3 thoughts on “Will iPhone Instant Messaging Replace Text Messaging?

  • Elliot Smith

    Instant messaging on iPhone is cool and very useful, but sms are here to stay because new value added services are added all the time.
    One of the new value added services is text2land.com service that allow you to send sms nessages to landline phones.

  • Kyle Austin

    I think there is place for SMS, especially on the marketing and advertising side. The teen demographic use sms services at an astounding rate and the 40+ demographic leverage it (understand it) because of that. There’s still a big market to apply marketing and advertising to SMS services.