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Has Twitter made the iconic Web 2.0 jump from noun to verb? It’s hard to pinpoint, but just as Google made the jump, and similar to how Facebook crossed over,  it appears that Twitter has become an action word – at least for the broadcast media.

As several folks have commented about recently, Twitter made its first appearance in the AP Stylebook (the writing bible for most newspapers and online publications) – within the new 2009 edition – and it seems broadcast networks have taken notice.  The new entry on Twitter as a verb notes:

The verb forms are “to Twitter” or “to Tweet.”

However, while “to Twitter” may be grammatically correct, it doesn’t necessarily flow off the tip of your tongue like “Google us,” “Facebook us,” or even “Bing us.” In fact, using “Twitter us” over “Tweet us” almost makes them sound, not surprisingly, totally out of the Twittersphere.

Nevertheless, broadcasters have adopted it. On a cross-country Jetblue flight on Friday, I caught the phrase “Don’t forget to Twitter us” from every possible station, network and anchor you could imagine on DirecTV. The Weather Channel‘s Weather Center, check. Sports Center, check. And of course CNN (Daily Show rip embedded above).

I’m all for the mainstream media leveraging Twitter (BTW – here’s some good Twitter tips for MSM), but I think we can stop the 24-7 promotion of it (and its verb status) in exchange for using it to deliver better stories.

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