TIME Cover: GM Who? We Got Twitter 2


Remember those pre-Beacon days (November 2007) when Facebook was the hottest thing since sliced bread (AKA Google), with a story fit for the movies? Feature, after cover story, after cover story (ok this one didn’t happen until 2009).

Well nearly two years later, the new it company is Twitter and in case you’ve been living under a rock, the media LOVE them.

They love them so much they can’t resist writing the story within Twitter (I mean look at the picture above and this picture – literally within Twitter). They’re tweeting about possible television series based on Twitter and I’m sure there are feature films in the works.

Less than a week after USA Today put Twitter and Del Jones’ Tweet on the cover of the money section, TIME has raised it another level by putting stevenbjohnson, his twitterforiphone, his iPhone and his Tweet  on the cover of America’s last-standing news weekly.

It does seem strange that Richard Stengal – Time’s managing editor who has professed a love – as great as Jon Meacham’s – for the Economist, would put Twitter on the cover of his magazine, especially the week that GM went bankrupt. He looks even more pedestrian going on “Morning Joe” talking about his Twitter cover a few weeks after Meacham was on Charlie Rose talking about the time he spent with Obama.


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